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  • Lorinda — [lô rin′də, lərin′də] n. a feminine name: see LAURA * * * …   Universalium

  • Lorinda — f English: elaboration of LORA (SEE Lora), with the addition of the productive feminine suffix inda (cf. e.g. BELINDA (SEE Belinda), CLARINDA (SEE Clarinda), LUCINDA (SEE …   First names dictionary

  • Lorinda — [lô rin′də, lərin′də] n. a feminine name: see LAURA …   English World dictionary

  • Lorinda — Provenance. Forme féminine et italienne de Laurent. Vient du latin laurus , signifie laurier Se fête le 10 août. Histoire. Saint Laurent était chargé par le pape Sixte II de l administration des biens de l Eglise de Rome, dans les années 250.… …   Dictionnaire des prénoms français, arabes et bretons

  • ordinal — lorinda …   Anagrams dictionary

  • Anna Etheridge — Lorinda Anna Blair Etheridge (1839 ndash;1913), also known as Michigan Annie and Gentle Annie, was a Union nurse and Vivandiere who served during the American Civil War.Anna Etheridge was born Lorinda Anna Blair in 1839 in Wayne County, Michigan …   Wikipedia

  • Eqn — Part of the troff suite of Unix document layout tools, eqn is a preprocessor that formats equations for printing. A similar program, neqn, accepted the same input as eqn, but produced output tuned to look better in nroff. The eqn program was… …   Wikipedia

  • 1976 New York Mets season — MLB yearly infobox alt name = New York Mets season = 1976 misc = current league = National League y1 = 1962 division = Eastern Division y2 = 1969 Uniform logo = ballpark = Shea Stadium y4 = 1964 city = New York, New York y5 = 1962 owners =… …   Wikipedia

  • Miles P. Squier — Miles Powell Squier, D.D. (May 4, 1792 June 22, 1866), born in Cornwall, Vermont, was a minister in the early 19th century. Contents 1 Early life 2 Pastorate of the 1st Presbyterian Church 3 Geneva, New York and Beloit College Years (1824 1866) …   Wikipedia

  • Brian Kernighan — Brian Wilson Kernighan (pronEng|ˈkɛrnɪhæn, the g is silent), (born 1942, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a computer scientist who worked at Bell Labs alongside Unix creators Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie and contributed greatly to Unix and its… …   Wikipedia

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